The Knowledge Center, Inc. is a nonprofit organization. The purposes of the corporation are to provide supplemental educational opportunities for children (students) and teachers in the visual arts, performing arts, specific content areas (geography, history, science, math, English/language arts), and leadership through the dissemination of knowledge by means of classes, seminars, lectures, exhibits, publications, and special presentations.

Executive Director

  1. Samuel J. Ayers, Ed. D.

Officers and Board of Directors

  1. Rev. Matt Wolfington, President
  2. Gwen Souter, Treasurer
  3. Mark McVay
  5. Linda Humble
  6. Aimee Ayers

Original Officers and Board of Directors (2004)

  1. Rev. Matt Wolfington, President

  2. Sylvia Reyna, Secretary
  3. Gwen Souter, Treasurer
  4. Susan Nix
  5. Mark McVay


The Knowledge Center, Inc.

pro amore discendi - for the love of learning 

As the National Core Knowledge Coordinator of West Texas, Dr. Sam Ayers provided schools in the Lubbock area with professional development opportunities, educational programs to enhance classroom instruction, and instructional materials including lesson plans and nonfiction books.

On September 11, 2004, The Knowledge Center, Inc was organized as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization designed to provide support to area schools-students, teachers, and administrators. Dr. Sam Ayers, executive director, was charged with responsibility for organizing and developing educational programs, instructional materials, and relevant professional development.

The regional center was established to provide support for new Core Knowledge schools and to enhance the quality of existing Core Knowledge schools in the area.

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The Knowledge Center, Inc. is an outgrowth of the former Texas Core Knowledge Center, which provided support to area schools. The regional center was established in August 2000 as a partnership between Lubbock Christian University, the Lubbock Independent District, and the Core Knowledge Foundation. 


Contact Us​

Contact the Executive Director, Samuel Ayers, Ed. D at sam.ayers@lcu.edu or call (806) 720-7557!