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Knowledge Center Classroom Resources

The resources below are intended for classroom use. They may be downloaded and copied for the purposes of enhancing teaching and learning. 

Qualified to Be President for grades 4th-12th grade, Social Studies/Government

Identifying the Best Candidate Powerpoint, Female Candidate
President Candidate Cards, Female
President Graphic Organizer

Identifying the Best Candidate Powerpoint, Former Presidents Candidate

President Candidate Cards, Former Presidents

President Graphic Organizer

Empresario as Gatekeeper for grades 4th-7th grade, Social Studies

Empresario Powerpoint
Empresario Applicant Files
Empresario Evaluation Sheet

Power Points

To download the presentations, right click and choose "Save Target  As..." or "Save Link As...". As you open each presentation, click the option to open the presentation as "read only."
- Theodore Roosevelt 
- Eleanor Roosevelt
- Franklin D. Roosevelt
- George Washington Carver
- Haynes: The Man Who Built Lubbock
- Architecture in Lubbock
- Public Art and Sculpture in Lubbock

​- Lubbock and the Progressive Era

​- Lubbock and World War I

​- Lubbock and the Jazz Age/Roaring Twenties

​- Lubbock and the Great Depression