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ChatterPix with

Candace Tickle (2:19)

Appointment Clocks with

Jaime Brazell (1:54)

Attention Getters with

Josh Wheeler (3:19)

Classroom Engagement with

Aaron Rogers (2:35)

Think, Write, Pair, Share with

Cayce Noble (2:44)

Open Ended Responses with

Veronica Duvall (2:30)

School Search and Seizure with

Craig Jackson (5:53)

Learning Target Bookends with

Josh Wheeler (3:10)

Special Education ARDC Meeting with

Paul Wheeler (4:23)

​​Love & Logic with

Aaron Rogers (3:24)

Staff Morale with Courtney Pesterfield (3:17)

Kindergarten Early Assessment with

Sharon Zumwalt (3:10)

Smile and be Enthusiastic with

Josh Wheeler (3:10)

ARD Committee Meeting with

Courtney Pesterfield (2:04)

Response Cards with

Aimee Ayers (2:10)

Balancing Teaching, Coaching and Family  with Garrett Luft (4:15)

Class Dojo with

Candace Tickle (2:14)

Graphing Words for Formative Assessment

with Addison Gilbert (1:40)

Teacher Interviewing with

Rick Rodriguez (5:48)

Probe Notebooks with

Haley Bilberry (2:30)

Teacher Interviews

To watch these videos on Youtube directly, check out this link.  

Classroom Libraries with

Annie Doyle (3:15)

Teacher Interviewing with

Rhonda Dillard (4:07)

K9 Search and Seizure with

Daryl Kissell (6:02)


Frayer Model Graphic Organizer with

Veronica Duvall (2:23)

Goal Reflections with Feedback

with Annie Doyle (2:13)

Timed Pair Share with

Cody Brockman (2:49)

Fact or Fib with

Whitney White (1:29)

Teacher Resumes

Thinking Maps with

Heather King (1:24)

Stem Bins with

Haley Bilberry (2:39)

Flexible Seating with

Britta Upton (1:58)

Fact or Fib with

Taylor Davis (6:17)

Using Timers with

Josh Wheeler (3:37)

Search and Seizure

Colored Stars with

Aimee Ayers (2:19)

Expo Desk Writing with

Aimee Ayers (1:47)

Arrival and Dismissal with

Annie Doyle (2:44)

Word Walls with

Annie Doyle (3:44)

Teacher Resumes with

Rick Rodriguez (5:47)

Sentence Starters with

Cayce Noble (2:52)


Lead 4ward with

Whitney White (1:27)

Fluency with Addison Gilbert (2:14)

Scrap Cans with

Britta Upton (2:34)

Job Chart with

Britta Upton (2:16)

Instructional Tools

Teacher Resumes with

Rhonda Dillard (4:44)

Differentiating with

Garrett Luft (4:21)

Make an Appointment with

Trey Ogletree (1:44)

Odd One Out with

Trey Ogletree (1:42)

Classroom Management​

Learning Labs with

Heather King (1:27)