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A variety of historical figures are available to share their stories with students. Bill Perryman is a former classroom teacher and is based in San Antonio, Texas. He presents one-man performances as a variety of characters including: Christopher Columbus, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, George Washington, Paul Revere, Abraham Lincoln, Colonel William Travis, and Sam Houston. The performances usually run 45-minutes and are followed by optional classroom visits to respond to student questions. A large room (library, auditorium, gymnasium) is required, and Mr. Perryman supplies his own sound system. Reservations are required. To book presentations directly call 1-210-422-6322 or email

Hope Shiver as Harriet Tubman and Sojourner TrutH​

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History In Person with Bill Perryman

Hope Shiver has performed abroad with musical touring companies. She now lives in Houston where she teaches private voice lessons and performs for schools and educational groups. Her 45-minute programs require a large room (library or gymnasium), and she provides her own sound system. The programs are designed for elementary and middle school students. Reservations are required. To book presentations directly call 1-281-481-0422 or email 

Storytelling with Jim Weiss 

Jim Weiss is an award winning storyteller and recording artist based in Charlottesville, Virginia. He usually presents two 45-60 minute storytelling performances (primary and intermediate) in either the morning or afternoon. A large room (library, auditorium, gymnasium), and sound system are required.

Recordings of his stories and books on tape are available through Greathall Productions. Reservations are required. However, schools may book presentations directly


Knowledge Center Educational Programs

A variety of educational programs supporting different content areas and Core Knowledge topics were made available to Lubbock area students and teachers beginning in 2004. A few of the quality programs included those presented by Jim Weiss, Bill Perryman, and Hope Shiver.